Wheelchair Taxis in Toronto

If you are in Toronto and need to get from point A to point B, it can be difficult if you are in a wheelchair. You might have to rely on friends or family members for transportation, take public transit, or find one of the few taxis that has wheelchair access. Below is a list of taxi companies in Toronto with wheelchair accessible vehicles ready at your convenience!

Wheelchair taxi Toronto rates

wheelchair taxis in Toronto



1. GTA Accessible Transportation

GTA Accessible Transportation is a most reliable accessible taxi company offering wheelchair transportation services for last-minute, same-day requests and also prearranged services. In fact, according to their website, they offer over thousands of  trips per month to customers needing high quality accessible taxi services.

They offer the following four vehicle types:

  • Mini Accessible Vehicles (Can accommodate 1 wheelchair & 4 walk-on passengers)
  • Full Size Accessible Vehicles (Similar to the Mini except it’s designed for larger wheelchairs and multiple wheelchairs)
  • Rear Loading Full Size wheelchair Vans (Can accommodate multiple wheelchairs, large wheelchairs, & small groups of walk-on passengers)
  • Black Accessible Mini Vans (A smaller, sleek vehicle designed for special occasions)

GTA Accessible Transportation offers wheelchair taxi service in the Greater Toronto Area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, live dispatch bookings can only be made Monday – Sunday from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., including holidays.

You Can make an online reservation 

or request an online quote 


Bookings are made at a flat fee. This means you won’t be charged extra if there are construction delays or weather conditions are poor.

Contact Information: 416 834 5559 

2. Wheelchair Taxi Toronto

You know a service is bound to be good when what you’re looking for is right in its name. Wheelchair Taxi Toronto offers accessible transportation services in and around Toronto.

They offer transportation service 365 days of the year. They prefer that you book at least 12 hours in advance. However, they can accommodate same day requests provided they have a vehicle available.

As mention on their website , Wheelchair Taxi Toronto offers two kinds of accessible vans to meet the needs for everyone! One is a Mini Accessible Van which can hold one small-medium size wheelchair, and up to four walk-on passengers. The other option is Full Size Van – rear loading; it’s large enough that three wheelchairs or six total people will fit comfortably inside without being cramped on space too much at all.. contact information including phone number are listed below:
(647) 697 7774 .


3 . Wheelchair Accessible Transit 

A well know company in the city, wheelchair accessible transit offers many option for passengers in wheelchairs . 

They offer mini vans and full size vans for passengers in wheelchairs . Their services are available 7 days a week 

Contact Information 1-877-225-2212

4 . Lyft

If you’re looking for accessible taxis in Toronto, try Lyft. If the driver has “Access” mode enabled on their app they will be able to pick up passengers with different needs like wheelchairs or scooters easily! 


5 . Uber

Uber’s accessible transportation program and can be hit or miss. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to try!
This means that the rider must request a wheelchair-accessible car, which has been vetted by WAV staff members as being able for them – but there have been cases where people were still denied service even though they met all qualifications set out in our policies regarding accessibility services including visual impairments such as low light vision loss due eyesight condition called uveitis. There are some other requirements too: riders need either live within 5 miles of one another OR book trips exclusively through uberWav


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